31 March 2015
Functional Fitness
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How Specific Should We Train?

How Specific Should We Train? As athletes become more specified in their sporting activities, the question of how to train becomes more important. More specifically, what sort of movements are the most important for success in the athlete’s specific sport? In other words, what sort of usefulness does a basketball player have in swinging a […]

16 March 2015
Mental Edge
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Self-Talk — How to Excel Off the Field/Court

Self-Talk — How to Excel Off the Field/Court The game is over and you underperformed. You know you can do better and you might feel like you’ve let your team down. Maybe you play an individual sport and you’ve just finished a tournament where you felt below par. With a grueling week of practice ahead […]

2 March 2015
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Are You a Weird Eater?

By Emily Edison, MS.RD.CSSD. WINForum Sports Dietitian and expert in disordered eating Does this sound familiar? “You are such a perfect eater. You never eat anything bad for you.” “I’ve never seen anyone eat so many vegetables. You are so disciplined in your eating.” “You are so fit, you must run all the time.” Comments like the […]

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