15 January 2013
Functional Fitness
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No Longer “Off” — How to Effectively Use Your Off-Season:

In basketball, you sometimes see it most directly. An athlete uses the off-season to develop a new skill. Quick point guards making a living on dribble penetration then all of a sudden have a three-point shot. Sharpshooters now own a post-up game. Dominant defensive centers improve their free throw shooting. Taking cues from the pros, […]

27 December 2012
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On Leadership — An Interview with Scott Centala:

Scott is an authority in life skills within the sports arena. He is a personal development and performance enhancement consultant with multi-sport male and female athletes and coaches from amateur, professional, olympic and international levels. He played professional baseball with the Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Twins and coached the University of Washington softball team. […]

22 December 2012
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This week in Links:

Football Russell Wilson visits Skyline to celebrate Max Browne’s Gatorate National Player of the Year Award. The University of Washington faces Boise St. in the Las Vegas Bowl on Saturday. Soccer The Sounders will kick off the season at CenturyLink Field against the Montreal Impact on March 2. The new women’s professional soccer team in […]

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