4 September 2012
Functional Fitness
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Get Better Every Day:

How Easy it Is to Atrophy No matter the subject, it is remarkable how quickly the body and mind fade from peak performance. Consider, for example, the state of the brain after summer vacation. Instead of diving into complicated math equations or new foreign language conjugations, September often seems like a month of review to […]

11 July 2012
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Heel Pain Taping for the Young Athlete:

No matter experience or expertise, every athlete encounters times when heel, achilles, or ankle pain alters performance. Taping is an important part of pre-game preparation. What follows in this G4 Athlete video are 3 recommendations for taping techniques.

5 July 2012
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The Myth of 3 Sets of 10:

Why Cliche? While certain aspects of life are finely tuned with much critical thinking, cliches uncritically carry esteem in society. We act sometimes without considering why, expecting optimal results to follow. Sports, in particular, owns its fair share of cliches. In baseball or golf, the phrase, “Grip it and rip it” is often repeated with […]

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