Professional athletes receive comprehensive coaching on functional fitness, sports biomechanics, nutrition, mental edge, skilled manual therapy and comprehensive education. By themselves, no one of these elements is unique. But, integrated as one—and made available for all—they become a powerful force that can radically impact the life of any patient or athlete.

For too long, athletic development has remained in the background until the highest levels of professional sport. We unlock the complete picture for our patients and athletes through a comprehensive process from work at the G4 Athlete clinic to high performance training at the G4 Athlete Plus facility.

We unearth the maximum potential of G4 patients and athletes by uniting mind, body, soul and spirit. It is the pioneering approach of G4 Athlete that addresses each necessary aspect human function.

This innovative approach provides patients and athletes with the necessary tools to succeed in sport and in life. Get Strong. Get Motivated. Get Inspired. Get Ready.

Functional Fitness
Functional fitness goes beyond regular exercise to prepare the body for peak performance. It requires joint mobility, dynamic flexibility, strength, agility, speed, and balance. Functional fitness integrates these objectives, working together efficiently.

Sports Biomechanics
Sports biomechanics is the science of applying the laws of mechanics and physics to human performance. We seek to understand the mechanical cause-effect relationships that contribute to injury and to unveil the potential constraints to performance. Asymmetry leads to injury and decreased performance. G4 works to create the efficiency, alignment, and balanced motion you need.

Skilled Manual Therapy
The power of touch and the healing elements of skilled manual therapy is a critical component to your G4 program. Normalizing soft tissue, muscular and joint mobility cannot always be obtained by exercise alone. Our skilled physical therapists utilize multiple strategies and techniques to obtain, progress and maximize these functions.

Patient Education
Understanding the key elements of your injury, post-operative treatment, return to sport or performance is necessary to achieve a successful outcome. This includes education surrounding the parameters of your recovery, nutritional considerations and mapping your personal goals as you continue your G4 Athlete journey.