About Us

With 20 plus years of experience we serve our community with professional expertise, compassion and encouragement to empower our patients and athletes.

We have created a business that unites 4 key components of care to maximize full athletic and life potential.

We believe in the core values of balance, discipline and the truth for success in business, life and sport.

Brent George
Brent George is the co-owner of G4 Athlete. Brent graduated from the University of Puget Sound Physical Therapy Program with a Masters of Physical Therapy in 1992. While studying at UPS, he met his wife, Kristi. They have 2 amazing, active, and delightful children, Makenna and Luke.

Brent has been involved in the physical therapy community for over 20 years. A clinic owner, director, consultant, coach, and instructor, he brings extensive experience to the service of his clients. He currently works as a consultant to the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and University of Washington Sports Medicine. He has worked with MLB’s Seattle Mariners and professional athletes nationwide. Brent also has worked with countless Olympic, collegiate, and high school athletes locally, regionally, and nationally.

Brent continues his work as part-time faculty and guest instructor at the University of Puget Sound Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. He has been a guest lecturer for the WIAA Coaches School and Express. Brent has spent time consulting with major athletic shoe brands regarding biomechanical design.

Kristi George
Kristi Bohoskey-George is the co-owner of G4 Athlete. Kristi graduated from the University of Puget Sound Physical Therapy Program with a Masters of Physical Therapy in 1992. She has helped to establish successful businesses in the past with her husband Brent George. Together they have over 25 years of experience owning and managing physical therapy clinics. Upon graduation Kristi spent 8 years treating patients and providing individualized care. Her professional involvement in physical therapy has developed from practitioner to operations. Kristi has elected to no longer maintain her license as a physical therapist, but remains active and educated in the health and fitness world.

Ackerly Shelzam
Ackerly Shelzam is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and has completed Level 1 certification for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). Since graduation, his focus on functional fitness and the ability to help patients has driven his enthusiasm for his work with Brent George at G4 Athlete. He not only gets athletes back into their respective sport — NFL, MLB, soccer, track, tennis, and more, but also helps the athlete in everyone — the weekend hikes, 5ks, and shooting hoops with your kids.

Ackerly is married to a professional photographer Lauren Shelzam. They have one dog and one cat. They both enjoy camping, hiking, snowboarding/skiing, and just about anything outdoors.

Lauren Hunt
Lauren has participated in sports throughout her life, but wasn’t exposed to athletic training and physical therapy until she reached UCLA. While completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Physiological Science, she was accepted into UCLA’s Sports Medicine Internship Program and assigned to the UCLA Baseball team. After three years in the UCLA Athletic Training Room working with Division I athletes that culminated with a trip to the NCAA College World Series in 2012, Lauren knew that she wanted to pursue a career in sports medicine and provide preventative and rehabilitative care to athletes of all ages.

On the recommendation of a friend who also worked as a Sports Medicine Intern at UCLA, Lauren applied to and was accepted into a dual degree program at Shenandoah University in Virginia. Shenandoah’s unique program allows graduate students to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training simultaneously. As part of her graduate curriculum, Lauren had the opportunity to travel across the country and work with athletes of all ages and skill levels. Her clinical experience has included work with high school, college and professional athletes, including NFL Combine hopefuls during an internship at EXOS in Phoenix, Arizona. Lauren completed her graduate education earning her Master of Science in Athletic Training and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016 after a final internship with the University of Washington Huskies Football program. It was during this internship at UW that she was introduced to Brent after a player was referred for custom orthotics.

Lauren continues to enjoy all athletic and recreational activities and is an avid runner, having completed multiple half marathons with plans to complete more in the future. She lives in Seattle with her sister who works at Amazon.

Laura Tobin
After graduating from Seattle Pacific University and also achieving a Massage Practitioner License, Laura’s 20-plus-year health care career has focused on maintaining function, injury prevention and recovery following injury. Seven of those years have been in a Physical Therapy setting. While working in a Physical Therapy Clinic, she was led to becoming a valued member of the US Olympic Rowing Medical Team. She also worked the Atlanta Olympic Games at the Rowing, Kayaking and Canoeing venue. She has worked for those who lead active, competitive and also more relaxed lifestyles.

Laura consistently offers the same level of excellence required by world-class athletes to her loyal clientele. Constantly continuing her education, she expands her knowledge with the newest techniques and research to maximize results.

Balancing career and family is a challenge that Laura meets with intention and focus. She has been married to her husband, Michael. She helped to raise Michael’s son Kalin who is now married and has two of his own children. Together, Laura and Michael have a daughter who is very active in the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Laura understands the daily stress we face as a parent, an athlete, or employee can be managed and reduced through massage, physical therapy and a sports science approach.