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28 January 2015
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Interview with Ackerly Shelzam

Ackerly Shelzam is a licensed physical therapist assistant. He is passionate about functional fitness and helping patients achieve their best. He is an active outdoorsman, enjoying camping, hiking, and snowboarding/skiing with his wife, Lauren. G4: Thanks for taking the time to chat, today. It would be great to hear your story, Ackerly. Ackerly Shelzam: I’ve […]

15 January 2015
Functional Fitness
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How to Warm Up Your Body for Skiing

How to Warm Up Your Body for Skiing All too often we see it; we jump out of the car, walk to the chair lift, and head up the slopes without ever thinking of warming up in preparation for skiing. Even for the most recreational of skiers, such a process is a recipe for injury, […]

22 December 2014
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Athletes: Veggies for the WIN

Editor’s note: this article was originally published at WINForum. Yeah yeah, blah blah we’ve heard it all before. But now, we may actually be listening! Research shows consumption of vegetables and fruits are UP (slightly) in the American diet but not quite to the level health experts recommend. The Choose My Plate Website says, “Eating vegetables […]