15 September 2014
Mental Edge
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Visualizing the Super Bowl

Visualizing the Super Bowl As a new season begins for the Seattle Seahawks, a photo (courtesy of Vox Media) has been making the rounds on the web showing Pete Carroll standing just outside the end zone at MetLife field after the Seahawks dismantled the Giants during the regular season. In the week preceding the game, Carroll […]

18 June 2013
Functional Fitness
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How, then, shall we practice?

How, then, shall we practice? Blood, sweat, and tears. We all believe the recipe for success exists underneath hard work and dedication. In fact, professionals such as the Sounders’ Eddie Johnson and the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson promote hash tags such as #HardWorkDedication and #ChampionshipOffseason. In short, the popular sentiment, here, is “practice makes perfect,” meaning, […]