15 March 2012
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Welcome to “Light Box”, the G4 Athlete blog. This is the place to be—whether you are rehabilitating an injury, involved in competitive sport, or simply trying to stay physically fit, the science of sport and physical therapy affects you.

In short, we want to provide resources to our young athletes and competitive or recreational athletes to unlock peak potential and inhibit unnecessary injuries. We find professional athletes are connected to every beneficial resource while most of us remain largely disconnected to the necessary information and services needed to unlock our maximum performance potential.

With this blog, G4 seeks to illuminate patients, athletes and other fitness-minded individuals. We want to connect you with the tips, resources, and knowledge of the pros.

The Pursuit of Sports Science

As a central topic, the Light Box will explore sports science in its many facets. We hope, during our time spent together in this space, both that you will learn more about the field and that you can apply these concepts to your daily life or athletic pursuits.

In particular, we will explore our four key components of sports science and physical therapy: functional fitness, sports biomechanics, nutrition, and mental edge.

More than just exercise, functional fitness integrates mobility, flexibility, strength, agility, speed, and balance in order to address fitness of the whole person.

As the science of applying laws of mechanics and physics to human performance, sports biomechanics seeks to understand the cause and effect properties surrounding injuries and to study the factors inhibiting performance.

Nutrition involves the food we eat and the fluids we drink. Often overlooked, nutrition greatly influences tissue healing, mental acuity and athletic performance.

A less appreciated but no less important factor is our mental edge. Some will call this “mental toughness.” The way we think can alter our performance in tangible ways. Conversely, mental development unlocks higher levels of life and athletic performance.

Join the Conversation

Given these four crucial facets of sports science, we will explore them in greater detail through interviews, stories, how-to articles, and cutting edge research.

Ultimately, we hope to use this space as community.

So join us in unlocking these principles. No matter your profession or calling, we value your input on these matters. Together, let’s pursue what’s possible! Stay tuned for Canadian casino.