An Introduction to Returning from Injury as Quickly as Possible

19 July 2013
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An Introduction to Returning from Injury as Quickly as Possible

It always seems to be a narrative entering each season: how will this player return from injury? Last year, Adrian Peterson was the topic. Could he rebound from ACL surgery? Would he still maintain his signature power and speed? His second, third, and fourth gear? After an MVP season, it’s safe to say Peterson is as good as new and defied his critics.

On the other end, Chicago Bulls star, Derrick Rose, has kept everyone waiting with bated breath for his return after knee surgery in his off season. Despite hope for an early-season return, Rose’s timetable kept getting pushed back; he didn’t play a game this year.

This fall, all eyes will be on Robert Griffin III. Having suffered a devastating injury against the Seahawks in last year’s playoffs, will he be ready in time for 2013 football? If he is ready, will he perform well? That will be two separate knee injuries on the same knee!

Why Do Some Return Quicker than Others?

Many therapists, doctors, coaches, and athletes have marveled at how some athletes return to sport quicker than others following similar injuries. This fact perplexes many people and causes them to ask, “How can similar athletes recover from injuries at different rates?”

In the coming months, we will dive deeply into the principles behind injury recovery to answer this question. There are many facets to this topic and we look forward to providing a framework for you to return from injury as quickly as possible.

Injury can be devastating. Months or even years of work can be frustrating. At times, the result is continuing to watch from the sideline as your team plays meaningful games. It is difficult; it is painful. Rehabilitation takes extensive work — both physically and mentally. It can be, possibly, the challenge of your life.

Don’t let the individual scenarios of professional athlete cloud your thinking around injury. While the physical limits of your body contribute to the speed of your recovery, there are real, tangible actions you can take to return from injury safely and effectively. So keep an eye out as we explore the physical and mental implications of returning from injury.