5 Ways to Improve Your Power to Weight Ratio

5 August 2014
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5 Ways to Improve Your POWER to WEIGHT Ratio!

By Emily Edison, MS.RD. Momentum Nutrition & Fitness

In many sports, your power to weight ratio is vital to performance. Strength training and a great nutrition plan can help you minimize extra baggage that might be holding you back from going the “extra mile”. Use these tips and reach out to your sports dietitian to create a plan that helps you reach your personal goals.

Eat frequently throughout the day

  1. Try to eat every 3 hours
  2. Combine carb with protein (and a little fat)
  3. Drink plenty of water

Never skip breakfast!

  1. Breakfast Burritos (heat in microwave)
  2. Microwave Egg Sandwich
  3. Yogurt and Granola Parfait
  4. Oatmeal (made the night before)
  5. Leftovers-great for ‘breakfast’

‘Bookend’ your workouts with carb and protein

  1. Research suggests carb PLUS protein both before and after your workout will enhance muscle growth and development. 3:1 ratio for most sports (i.e., 60 g carbs:20g protein)

Reduce overall body fat (if necessary)

  1. Cut back on the C’s- crispy, creamy, candy, cake, cookies, coke, etc.
  2. Eat more during the day and less at night
  3. Drink lots of water

Don’t take the weekend off!

  1. Keep your nutrition goals in mind, even on the weekend!