3 March 2014
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Cross Training — What Is It?

Cross Training — What Is It? We live in a culture of specialization. In school, it means declaring a major and studying a specific field in detail. In business, it means finding employment in a specific field and orienting your daily work toward accomplishing the actions that fit within your expertise. In sports, it means […]

19 February 2014
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The Road to the Super Bowl

The Road to the Super Bowl What a year for Seattle sports! After 38 patient years, the 12th Man can claim a Lombardi Trophy and the title of undisputed champions of the NFL. It might be new territory for Seattle but there are two things you better be certain of: We’ll be celebrating this victory […]

30 January 2014
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An Interview with Anna Mounsey

Anna Mounsey is an 18-year old alpine ski racer and official invitee of the U.S. ski team from Alpental, Washington. You can read her thoughts on her injury rehabilitation at Introductions G4: We are here today with Anna Mounsey, downhill skier extraordinaire. Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your […]

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