28 April 2014
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Returning from Injury — Goal Setting

Returning from Injury — Goal Setting One recurring theme we’ve discussed in this space over the last six months has been the steps and strategies around returning from injury as quickly as possible. The statistics on high school injuries are staggering. It’s estimated that 2 million injuries occur each year across the United States. That’s […]

15 April 2014
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Clean Kitchen. High Performance.

Clean Kitchen. High Performance Spring is a time to switch gears from the longing looks from the inside of a rain-soaked window to venturing outside to welcome a new season of life, fresh air, and brightened moods. One way to welcome the freshness of the new season while the weather is still changing, is to […]

2 April 2014
Mental Edge
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Keep Calm and Move On

Keep Calm and Move On Calming your mind during competition or intense stress seems to be a popular theory. There have been many instances in popular culture depicting this idea. All exterior noise falls into the background. Perhaps some sort of symphony comes to the foreground. A serene look on an athlete’s face. In the […]

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