18 June 2014
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Summer Sports Eating…Made Simple

Summer Sports Eating…Made Simple By Emily Edison, MS.RD. Momentum Nutrition & Fitness Sleeping in? Slumber parties at friends? Are you sleeping your nutrition away? As you enter the “off season” from school sports, it is important to remember: keep eating like an athlete. Simple tips to follow to keep your nutrition plan on track (and […]

2 June 2014
Mental Edge
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The Mentality to Climb the Mountain

The Mentality to Climb the Mountain With longer days and warmer temperatures, a wide variety of outdoor activities are available to us in the Pacific Northwest. We can run longer, swim further, hike beyond. Going for more requires higher levels of endurance, which involves a high level of ability, but also the need for a […]

12 May 2014
Functional Fitness
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Pitching and Functional Fitness

Pitching and Functional Fitness Pitching might be the most volatile athletic movement in sports. Major League Baseball is full of stories about young pitchers halting promising careers under the knife, as mounting surgeries cause players to lose effectiveness. Yet even before an athlete has a chance to make the pros, many pitchers get injured due […]

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