21 July 2014
Mental Edge
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Baseball’s Mental Edge

The Long Road When it comes to the number of games, no sport compares to baseball. From the early days of select baseball all the way to the pros, a baseball player becomes acquainted with the daily grind of baseball games. It seems as if those hot streaks never last long enough and those slumps […]

9 July 2014
Functional Fitness
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World Cup Take: Going 120 Minutes

World Cup Take: Going 120 Minutes With all these dramatic endings in the knockout stages of the World Cup, it’s interesting to consider what it takes to pull through with the performance of your life on such a stage. Not only is it win-or-go-home, but you also face the potential of adding an extra 30 […]

23 June 2014
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Sports Biomechanics in the World Cup

Sports Biomechanics in the World Cup World Cup fever is here! As the best players in the world battle for supremacy on the world stage, we see players give everything in harsh, humid conditions. What’s going on during these matches? Why are injuries seemingly so frequent? It looked as if everyone on the US squad […]

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