4 September 2014
Functional Fitness
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Training Camp — Functional Fitness

Training Camp — Functional Fitness With training camp just ending and football season just beginning, now is the time when you’re looking to round off your game shape and to maximize your strength. You might be thinking this is the year you’ll lead the league in sacks, or perhaps you’ve added a stiff arm to […]

18 August 2014
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Training Camp — Dynamic Stretching

Training Camp — Dynamic Stretching With August comes heat, football training camp, and 2-a-days. It’s a grueling time of year as coaches push players to their limits to get them in shape and prepared for the gauntlet of a punishing season. Training camp tests you at every level. It covers the strategies behind the offensive […]

5 August 2014
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5 Ways to Improve Your Power to Weight Ratio

5 Ways to Improve Your POWER to WEIGHT Ratio! By Emily Edison, MS.RD. Momentum Nutrition & Fitness In many sports, your power to weight ratio is vital to performance. Strength training and a great nutrition plan can help you minimize extra baggage that might be holding you back from going the “extra mile”. Use these tips […]

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