12 November 2014
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Interview with Jarrad Matthews

Getting to Know Jarrad Matthews We’re excited to introduce, Jarrad Matthews, a new member of the G4 team. We recently sat down with him and discussed bit of his history and his thoughts on G4’s 4 absolutes. G4: Thanks for taking the time to chat, Jarrad. Could you tell us a little about who you […]

14 October 2014
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How to Test If Your Shoes Are Supporting Your Needs

How to Test If Your Shoes Are Supporting Your Needs Do you remember the last time you looked for new shoes/cleats? With such a wide selection to choose from and so many marketing messages telling you what to buy, it seems impossible to walk away with the best fit for you. How can you even […]

15 September 2014
Mental Edge
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Visualizing the Super Bowl

Visualizing the Super Bowl As a new season begins for the Seattle Seahawks, a photo (courtesy of Vox Media) has been making the rounds on the web showing Pete Carroll standing just outside the end zone at MetLife field after the Seahawks dismantled the Giants during the regular season. In the week preceding the game, Carroll […]

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