22 December 2014
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Athletes: Veggies for the WIN

Editor’s note: this article was originally published at WINForum. Yeah yeah, blah blah we’ve heard it all before. But now, we may actually be listening! Research shows consumption of vegetables and fruits are UP (slightly) in the American diet but not quite to the level health experts recommend. The Choose My Plate Website says, “Eating vegetables […]

16 December 2014
Mental Edge
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Preparing for Winter Sports — Is there a Way to Keep the Mind in the Game?

Preparing for Winter Sports — Is there a Way to Keep the Mind in the Game? As the slopes open and winter sports season begins in earnest, the mental component of your preparation for winter sports competition is worth considering. While the levels differ depending on the sport, there’s an inherent amount of risk involved […]

25 November 2014
Functional Fitness
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How Many Free Throws Does it Take to Be Perfect?

How Many Free Throws Does it Take to Be Perfect? Looking for improvement? The tried and true method has always been practice… practice… practice… and then practice some more. If perfection is the goal, practice is the route. But how much practice is necessary for optimal performance? How many free throws do you need to take […]

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