13 November 2012
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An Interview with Sports Dietitian, Emily Edison:

Emily Edison is the owner and founder of Momentum Nutrition and Fitness. With over 15 years of experience as a registered dietitian and a certified personal trainer, Emily specializes in nutrition for athletes, wellness, and the management of disordered eating. Emily earned a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Washington State University and […]

1 November 2012
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Interview with NFL player, Roy Lewis:

Roy Lewis, is a 5-year NFL veteran. A California native, Lewis attended Narbonne High School. After initially enrolling at San Jose State University, Lewis transferred to the University of Washington and was named a Husky team captain as a senior. Lewis originally signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers before he was acquired by the Seattle Seahawks. […]

23 October 2012
Mental Edge
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Here’s a Trade Secret — There’s More to Life than Athletics:

Athletics as an Avenue to a College Education It’s in the back of every parent’s mind. It’s a goal of every aspiring athlete. The college scholarship. A free ride to an institution of higher learning and perhaps a springboard into professional sports. It is easy to fall into the mindset of athletics as the sole […]

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