5 March 2013
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The Power of Massage — An Interview with Laura Tobin

Laura Tobin has 21 years of experience in healthcare. As a licensed massage practitioner, she focuses on maintaining function, injury prevention, and recovery from an injury. She graduated from Seattle Pacific University. She has been married to her husband, Michael, for 15 years, helping raise his son Kalin who is now married with two children […]

15 February 2013
Functional Fitness
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Want More Success? Train Less:

It Doesn’t Help a Workoholic; It Won’t Help Your Training Countless research has suggested that workoholics face diminishing returns. Overwork, typically, occurs when people believe that they are falling behind. They think if they are not working, they are losing the sale, forfeiting customers to competitors, or relinquishing previous gains. We find the same principles […]

29 January 2013
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Here’s a Trade Secret — Moving Gracefully Might Be More Important than Bulking Up:

In Pursuit of Getting Stronger Sometimes it seems like our society is based on measurables. We get excited when an NFL prospect breaks the combine record for most bench press reps. If a defensive tackle weighs in over 300 pounds, we expect them to play well. But what good is strength if you can’t use […]

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