18 June 2013
Functional Fitness
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How, then, shall we practice?

How, then, shall we practice? Blood, sweat, and tears. We all believe the recipe for success exists underneath hard work and dedication. In fact, professionals such as the Sounders’ Eddie Johnson and the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson promote hash tags such as #HardWorkDedication and #ChampionshipOffseason. In short, the popular sentiment, here, is “practice makes perfect,” meaning, […]

22 May 2013
Mental Edge
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The Value and Power of Responsibility

The Value and Power of Responsibility As athletes, we are in a unique position. We play in front of large crowds and screaming fans, while trying to perform to the best of our ability. When we win the game, everyone cheers and shouts praises. There’s no need to get critical about specific performances; the major […]

8 May 2013
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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder Often, we think if we work harder, we get better results. If you stay up late the night before a test, you’ll get a better grade. If you spend more time lifting weights, you’ll get stronger. If you live in the batting cage, you’ll hit better. If every waking moment is […]

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